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White Rabbit Collctive and Larry Acquaviva

White Rabbit is a collective of diverse artists skilled in many forms and genres of artistic expression. They strive to give 60's psychedelic rock a modern renaissance with an exotic twist of world influences. They refuse to be pigeon-holed or labeled as this or that. Instead they continually break free from expectations to deliver something new and unexpected, transforming with new members and influences in a perpetual evolution. Their connection to each other and our audience is palpable and the ecstatic dynamics of tension and release in their compositions act like waters flowing or fire dancing. Together they embody a chameleon that can shape-shift together to suit the environment and find the most ecstatic mode of instrumentation and song leadership. They often attempt to bridge the gap between audience and performer by inviting friends to participate with percussive instruments. The songs sing themselves - the musicians are merely multi-instrumental conduits at the service of our pent-up desires to dance.

Larry Acquaviva is an accomplished author and along with his wife Andrea will introduce his new book

"Nobody Cares Who You Are Book II: The Hitchhiking Odyssey"

"My experience hitchhiking proved to me that out in that big, bad world, when you don’t have two nickels to rub together at times, when you become a shadow in the midst of a sea of humanity, when you understand that you are merely a speck of dust on the side of a forgotten highway, that sometimes, nobody cares who you are. It was a powerful lesson in humility, and truth, about who I truly was, and what this world is really all about. This is what I found as I blazed across the country like a mad man on the loose.”

— Larry Acquaviva


Earlier Event: October 3
Period 6
Later Event: October 7