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Whisperkiss and HoneyChild

Whisper Kiss is happy to play its first show of 2018! And we are honored to be sharing the bill with SJ the Honeychild as she makes her virgin voyage as a solo artist!

Whisper Kiss plays acoustic pop songs that express the ever-changing human condition, weaved into a beautifully haunting musical tapestry. Start with an acoustic guitar and some crafty fingers. Add a cello, some delicate male/female vocal interplay, and a stylistic assortment of compelling melodies. Mix in a little rhythmic groove and you've got Whisper Kiss, creating a sound that is both melancholy and uplifting.

Whisper Kiss are no strangers to the Athens music scene. You’ve probably seen them onstage with Abbey Road LIVE!, Dubconscious, Wonderland Rangers, Artie Ball Swing Band, Fuzzy Sprouts, Grogus and the Athens Symphony, among others.

This is SJ's first foray into a brand new solo career. Bring pom poms.

$7 Door