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Alejandro Ziegler Tango Quartet & Athens Tango Project

A special night of tango music at Hendershot's Coffee featuring Alejandro Ziegler Tango Quartet and the Athens Tango Project.

Tickets: $12 advance, $15 at door, $10 if you show your student ID at the door.
Ticket link: CLICK HERE for ADV TIX

Alejandro Ziegler Tango Quartet:

Since 2009 "Alejandro Ziegler Tango Quartet" has developed their own unique style of tango music reflecting both innovation and tradition. Inspired by the golden age tango orchestras, the ensemble managed to reach an evolutionary synthesis of traditional tango and contemporary feeling.

On stage the communication between the four musicians is allowing, expressive, playful and tight. They flirt with a chamber musical expression without ever leaving the unpredictable spontaneousness within popular music and improvisation. Various grooves and different ornaments reveal the members personal playing styles.

Alejandro Ziegler's own compositions come alive through surprising arrangements as well as intimate interplay. With their special sound, a unique mix of tango, improvisation and romantique, they have gained territory all over the world.

Their focused performances are a complete acoustic, dynamic, and musically masterpiece one should never miss.

Alejandro Ziegler Tango Quartet performs in Buenos Aires on a regular basis and played in many important festivals around the world such as:

Portland Tango Festival (Portland), Granada Tango Festival (Spain), Vancouver Tango Festival (Canada), Luzern Tango Festival (Switzerland), Eindhoven Tango Festival (Nederlands), St. Petersburg Tango Festival (Rusia), Cyprus Tango Festival (Cyprus), Istanbul Tango Week (Turkey), and Popcorn Festival (World Music Festival in Götebourg, Sweden), to mention a few.

Athens Tango Project:
Athens Tango Project brings Argentine tango music in its pure form, while also collaborating with local North American musicians to create its own sound. Athens Tango Project started in Athens, Georgia, when Laura Camacho, a native of Argentina, started playing tango with local jazz musicians and international classical graduate students from The University of Georgia that wanted to learn the style. Laura has shared the stage with artists like Mariano Mores and Sexteto Mayor. Athens Tango Project has performed throughout the United States, and was featured in local Ted Talks, NPR, as well as the documentary @Athens Rising, by James Preston, for which they arranged a cover of an R.E.M. song into a tango, and wrote original music. Some of the group’s collaborations include members of Drive-By Truckers, Pylon, and The Olivia Tremor Control.