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The Shut Ups and Spaceflyte

The Shut Ups- We're a five-piece new-wave power-pop band from Atlanta and Athens, GA and practice daily at 6AM. We do more before 8AM than most bands do all week.

We're not about Pleasure or Fun. You may enjoy listening to us. You may not. You may pretend to enjoy us because others you respect seem to. They may be pretending, too. In which case you may want to consider what else they're pretending about.

Spaceflyte is a experimental pop band from The apples in stereo's Robert Schneider[2] and John Ferguson and published by The Elephant 6 Recording Company[3]

They have opened for Neutral Milk Hotel in 2015 by playing a cover of "Mystery Juice" from the album Into the sun by Sean Lennon[4] and will be one of Robert Schneider's main side projects while he is completing Graduate school.They have released one song entitled "Visions of Pluto''[3]

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